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PII-VENUE works with clients to deliver optimized safety protocols, security outcomes,  and unrivaled guest experience through the execution of tailored  solutions designed to address your unique needs. We work with our clients across all areas that contribute to safe, world class, customer experiences leading to the FAN SAFE VENUE certification.

Today venues must think beyond merely providing top notch talent. Venues must consider all of the elements that  surround an event which contribute to the overall quality of your guests' experience. You must ensure the safety of your guests, your talent and your staff. The security of your venue must be proactively ensured. Your procedures and processes must account for all eventualities and be replicable under routine circumstances and under duress Your event staff must have the skills to positively contribute to your venue's reputation and the value perception of your guests. Event staff must deliver exceptional skills on a night-in, night-out basis.Your management and supervisors must have the skills and plans to engage and appropriately direct event staff towards the desired performance level.


PII-VENUE assesses all elements of load-in, access, and load-out. We work with you to build, suggest and implement new strategies to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities.  We work with you to  strengthen what you already have in place and support you through implementation of new procedures. We consider your resources and then work to make your people and processes the best they can be. 

Threats can exist at many levels and come from a variety of sources. Most venue's processes and procedures have been built over time and may not reflect current threat realities. Lowering risk is driven off of building processes and procedures that address all possible threats.  Consideration of internal and external risk factors evaluated against  existing processes and resources can provide venue managers unique  insight into their operations.  

PII-VENUE ensures your procedure and processes are sustainable over the long term and easily repeatable by your staff.


This area is the largest contributor to your guests' value perception and there fore is the largest contributor to your venue's reputation. Unfortunately this area is often neglected. After all these staff members are usually your lowest paid or are volunteer. 

All of your staff must demonstrate skills which contribute to your guests' overall experience. It's little things like how the staff convey themselves to customers to bigger issues like your staff's ability to de-esculate problem situations when they arise.  Are the right people designated to handle these situations? Do your processes quickly bring these people to bear on these situation? Your processes must address all eventualities, they must be stress tested and proven, they must be fail-safe and automatic when situations occur.  Consistency at the point of delivery is the single most significant  determinant in the success or failure of any venue process.  Documenting processes is a must. Running your people through your processes must become part of your plan. Well designed training programs ensure that your security vigilance does not compromise your guests enjoyment.  


PII-VENUE's team has the expertise to work with your security team to help you understand and address your threat areas and deficiencies within your security processes. We help our clients move from and audience management perspective to a guest experience perspective that reflects a venue's need to meet quality and talent expectations. We have the expertise to enable your front-line event staff to create great impressions in your guests. We equip your Management and Supervisors with the skills to engage staff in fulfilling your venue's or event's mission. And, we have the experience to understand that you need documented processes, procedures and training content which enables you to utilize your existing teams and bring everything in-house and have it sustained for the future. 

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