Meeting the expectations of your guests has never been more important. Your guests expect to be safe and they also expect that your staff will make their experience within your venue an enjoyable one.  PII-VENUE understands this implicit contract between your guests and your venue. This is why PII-VENUE uniquely takes a wholistic approach to working with your security, operations & event staff areas to ensure that they all demonstrate the skills and practices needed to meet your guests safety and event expectations. When they do we award your venue the FAN SAFE VENUE CERTIFICATION. This certification is designed to tell your guests that your venue has taken the steps to ensure that they experience a SAFE, WORLD CLASS, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE while they are in your venue.


Talk about challenging - What does it take for a venue and event to be "SAFE"? What exactly is a "WORLD CLASS" customer experience?  RISKS ASSESSMENT, THREAT MITIGATION, SAFETY PROCEDURES, REPEATABLE PROCESSES, STRESS TESTED RESPONSE, INTERPERSONAL SKILLS, CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS, NON-VERBAL SKILLS, SITUATION DE-ESCALATION SKILLS, STAFF HUDDLES, LIFE SAFETY SKILLS, TRAIN the TRAINER, EMERGENCY READINESS are all parts of the puzzle that must be solved in order for a venue to be seen as providing a safe, world class, experience. Does your venue stand out as exemplary in these areas or is your venue lacking in any of these areas?