• Our assessment starts from the moment your team confirms and books the artist. How to asses what the security needs are for the particular artists and their crews?  How do their needs fit or capitalize with your venue’s needs for a safe and low risk environment ? We go through Load-in procedures, credentials, and time restraints. We help you establish the processes that comfortably answer the "Who is the ultimate authority?" question.  


  • We build on your access point procedures.  i.e Efficiency of scanning tickets, should you wand? Procedures for napsack’s and bags.  How many staff are stationed at access points? What are their roles? Different roles of primary vs. secondary access inspection? How to create a consistent exercise with every event? 
  • How present is security in the front lobby? What are their vantage points? What are they to look for and how are they communicating with everyone involved?  
  •  What are your Emergency procedures for Medical issues? What about non-medical emergency situations? Has your staff been drilled on the procedures recently? Who are your point people for such occasions? How do they deploy into and out of situations? How do they establish chain-of-command? How is back-fill for their responsibilities to occur?  
  • After guest entry into the venue who does what? What does your guest engagement plan look like? What is your floor staff monitoring? How are you handling F&B bottlenecks, What is your process for "following" high risk guests?


  • Where is Security plotted around the venue?. How are they communicating?  Sound, Light, Visability? 
  • How does security get connect to floor personnel? 
  • Who is checking on your venue's perimeter?


  • Is your security presence intimidating? Approachable by guests? Are they relaying an image and energy, confidence and competence? Are they informed about the venue and the event for that evening.  We move your staff from an audience management mentality to a guest experience mind-set while still stressing their core mission.

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